I wasn't able to make it work


Though the idea is great, I wasn't able to make it work.
For some reason it is loking at dbo_TableName (instead of dbo.TableName).
After I modified the code to convert dbo_TableName to dbo.TableName it was some other issues, so I waan't able to make the ASFlattener work.
When I tried SQL flattener, I was able to get some resaults for Adventure Works, but when I changed the database, I wasn't able to get the list of fields in the drop-down.


ddaniel wrote Jun 16, 2009 at 4:20 PM

I believe the dbo.TableName issue is related to the xmla properties in the cube. When I ran into this issue, I checked my cube's xmla and found this for the malfunctioning dimension:

<xs:element name="dbo_TableName" msprop:FriendlyName="dbo_TableName" msprop:DbSchemaName="dbo" msprop:DbTableName="TableName" msprop:TableType="Table">

Note that the element name and FriendlyName are using the underscore version: "dbo_TableName". If you modify all occurrences in the cube to only "TableName", the tool should work past this error. Probably the PC Dim Naturalizer tool should use the msprop:DbTableName property, which already correctly identifies the table name.

wrote Feb 13, 2013 at 11:17 PM