Error when creating DSV

Nov 11, 2010 at 8:22 PM

I wonder if someone can help:

Error during: [Adding naturalized view to DSV...]
System.Data.DuplicateNameException: A Relation named 'FK Dim.CustomerServiceGroup-Factless.Service CustomerServiceGroup' already belongs to this DataSet.
   at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.RegisterName(String name)
   at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.DataSetRelationCollection.AddCore(DataRelation relation)
   at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.Add(DataRelation relation)
   at PCDimNaturalizer.ASPCDimNaturalizer.CreateRelationshipsForNamedQueryInDSV()
   at PCDimNaturalizer.ASPCDimNaturalizer.AddNaturalizedViewToDSV()
   at PCDimNaturalizer.ASPCDimNaturalizer.Naturalize(Object MinLevels)

It seems to fail at adding to DSV, I can get the view created - any ideas or how do I do this myself? What does it need to join to? The FK that it mentions is one that already exists from my factless table to my parent-child table - do I need to delete the parent-child table first?